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About us


The raison d’être of dreams is our ability to make them come true, with effort, honesty and affection. The future is not what will come, it is what we are going to do.

I was born in the summer of 1993 and I’ve already arrived fighting, perhaps the 9 months in the tummy seemed little to me. But the day comes for all of us when we must face life, with the good and the not so good, overcoming the obstacles that it puts before us in order to grow and become strong.

During my first eighteen years I ate at Finca La Soldonera, in the house my father built for the family, and I say ate because firstly, we are what we eat and secondly, cooking has always been part of our lives. The farmhouse located in the Penedès, is surrounded by vineyards. It is hard for me to imagine what my childhood would have been like and what it would be like today, in a noisy urban environment. I never played dolls or board games, what I liked was going out to build houses balancing stones with my father and accompanying my mother to the fruit trees, climbing up and eating from up there.

I wanted to be an artist and then an architect. Without being very clear about it, I studied Business Administration and Management, and I would decide in which field to apply it. With half a degree in my pocket, I made the decision to start my dream stored up all those years, to study Theater. Once I graduated, I moved to Madrid to finish my acting studies and specialized in Cinema. For about ten years I helped manage apartment rentals, the family’s last construction project. And in Madrid, I managed to run a trendy rock bar in the center of the city. Tourism, dealing with people, interacting, acting, the land, the food, the art, the wine and the family make me who I am, Marta Vallès Ferrer.

Now a new adventure begins. From all the experiences and learning so far, what I enjoy, what I like to share and what makes me happy, “Vinyes de Lilith” has been born. A personal project in which a place is born to enjoy some of life’s pleasures, where we can dedicate time to ourselves, to take care of ourselves inside and out, always with the best company, wine.

my pillars

My paternal grandfather had a wine alcohol factory. He obtained alcohol by distilling the wine he made from his vineyards. When they asked their eldest son what he wanted to do in life, he answered that his dream was to make cava. At nineteen years old, an accident took his father and he had to take charge of the family, also losing the alcohol factory. He managed to gain a foothold in the world of construction and his dream had to wait to come true at the age of almost fifty. He acquired a small winery called Masia Puigmoltó, next to Soldonera, in an old stately farmhouse from the 12th century. At that time it produced between ten and twelve thousand bottles a year. He created a new brand, Emendis, with the aim of producing wines and cavas to satisfy those who want to experience new sensations. To this day, his effort and dedication have contributed to creating a winery that currently has a production of one and a half million bottles a year. His ingenuity, his struggle, his love for work, his insatiability, make him one of my pillars, the role model.

On my mother’s side, my family is peasant, they have worked in the fields all their lives, and today my grandfather, almost ninety years old, still goes out to work the vineyard, the cereal fields and the fruit trees; there is no way to keep him at home, this is his spirit. Her daughter, the middle of three siblings, was young and decided that this lifestyle was not for her, so she changed the course of her story to achieve her goals. He studied, found work and with it independence. She decides that the time has come to find her first home, and she meets the man she falls in love with, who is no less than twenty years older than her, and against the whole world she fights to be by his side. And from that love story, they give me life. She, my fighter, worker, heroine, confidante, teacher, my unconditional support, my mother, my other pillar.

About us

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