Macabeu Vinyes de Lilith
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  • Description: Macabeo from the Cecília vineyard.
  • 1.87 ha planted in 1967 on our farm.

Macabeu has been documented in Catalonia since 1564. Macabeu white wines were widely exported in the 18th century from the ports of Sitges and Vilanova and Geltrú.

The name of the Maccabean comes from the Greek makar, and from the Catalan beu: drink happy or happy what you drink.

Lilith was Adam’s first wife. They lived together in harmony until Lilith wanted to dominate in the sexual act and he did not allow her. She did not keep silent and when she was not heard she left Eden, being the first woman to leave a man. Lilith is a myth that teaches us.

Oli d’Oliva Verge Extra
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